Responsibly Sourced:

No New Trees Are Cut Down

We believe in sustainability. So no new trees are cut down in the production of our litter. Instead, we use kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production.

Product stewardship and sustainable development go hand-in-hand. Our goal is to provide high quality products that offer powerful performance, while conducting our operations in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Our Roots

In 1992, Feline Pine Cat Litter began as a healthy solution for cats and cat litter. The inspiration came from the lumber industry. After testing various substrates from several different types of lumber, Southern Yellow Pine was found to be great at absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors. Sold locally, one carload at a time, it was the beginning of a whole new concept in cat litter.

While much larger today, we still maintain the Feline Pine roots, supporting a belief and continuing commitment to natural products that help maintain the health of you and your cat.

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The Pine Promise

  • Respect all living things, especially animals and pets because they rely on us.
  • Embrace a corporate duty to respect the environment and our precious natural resources.
  • Focus on product quality and customer satisfaction.
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